Telergon Fused Switch Disconnectors

The fusible switches in it's two series,
are manufactured with high safety self-extinguishing
materials, providing an excellent level of electrical insulation,
low smoke emission and high resistance to
electromechanical stress.

They combine in a compact unit, the function of a switch - disconnector
with protection against overloads and short - circuits given by the fuses,
these once installed remain fixed in the switch, ensuring a long electrical and
mechanical life and safe opperations for the user.

They comply with environmental requirements and
undergo strict quality controls for a reliable product
that meets the most demanding requirements.

The M21 series consist of a sandwich-type body containing self-cleaning
blade type contacts, with pre-arc zones to ensure long term,
fault-free energy transmission and coated with silver alloy for 
long term electromechanical life, externally has housings to insert
fuses according to the apropriate format. The detent mechanism
provides quick and independent switching due to the
accumulation of elastic potential energy, which is transmitted at 
high speed to the contacts of arc extinction. 

The M11 Series is of modular construction, with the contacts being moved
by a cross shaft with tripping being positive opening.

Telergon Fused Switch Disconnectors