Sirena Modular MLine LED Beacons & Alarms

MLINE is a new and unique modular concept developed to take signaling devices to a whole new level, delivering users with a customized product tailored for each specific application.

The high optical performance of the beacons, together with the strong sound output of the sounders make MLINE a high-end range destined to the most demanding applications.

After a series of rigorous tests, MLINE has been granted IP66/65 status, a very high rating, especially for sounders, making this product ideal also for outdoor applications.

MLINE is UL approved with environmental ratings of 3R for sounders and 4X for beacons.

MLINE has been engineered with an exclusive modular concept allowing each of the eight domes to be mounted on any of the six bases, drastically reducing the number of parts stocked granting Professionals with a more reactive response to the market needs.

The all-round LED technology allows a better resistance to vibrations, longer life productand lower consumption, delivering a virtually zero maintenance range and drastically reducing operating costs.

The innovative design, together with four base colour options, make MLINE a key player also in Commercial and Civil applications besides more traditional Industrial applications.

Sirena Modular MLine LED Beacons & Alarms