Hongfa Automotive Relays

An Automotive relay is a relay used for switching higher power DC circuits, from 6 Amp up to 180 Amps. The Automotive relays uses an electromagnetic coil to attract the relay armature which can contain 1 or several contacts. Automotive relays contains a strong electromagnetic coil and spring mechanism to overcome the large electrical forces generat ed when switching automotive circuits.


Typical applications for Automotive relays are Automotive electronics,Electric Windows, Door Locks, Windscreen wiper control, Lighting and after-market automotive accessories including towing electronics.


Switchtec carries extensive stock of the Hongfa range of Automotive Relays, whose range offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of PCB, Power, Miniature and Sub Miniature Automotive Relays. These including many SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT relays with Coil Voltages ranging from 6V to 48VDC. The most popular Coil Voltages being 12V & 24VDC with the most common contact ratings being 30/40 Amp.


Hongfa have a full selection of Automotive relays with mounting options including surface mount Automotive relays, PCB Automotive relays and plug in Automotive relays. These are available in DPDT, SPST, DPST or SPDT combinations.


When specifying an Automotive relay, the following options need to be considered, Coil Voltage (6 V, 12 V, 24 V,…), Termination Style (PCB, QuickConnect, Plug in…) and Maximum Contact Current (from 6 to 180Amp) Contact arrangement SPST, DPDT, SPDT, DPST & 3 Pole.


Hongfa Automotive Relays include: -


HFKA     HFV11
HFKD     HFV28
HF35 Series relay modules



Hongfa Automotive Relays