i-Autoc Solid State Relays

A solid state relay (SSR) is an electronic switch that contains no moving parts but can be used in similar applications to an electromechanical relay. In an SSR the control signal input controls the switching circuitry which in turn switches the larger load/output.


Solid State Relays benefit from having no moving parts which offers quiet switching, faster switching frequency, higher reliability switching and often at a much larger switching load capability. Switchtec is able to offer SSR relays capable of switching from 1 to 100 Amps.


Switchtec carries comprehensive stock of the i-Autoc SSR’s from the popular Hockey Puck style KSI Single and Dual Channel solid state relays, with current ratings up to 100 Amp 660VAC switching to the new 3 Phase KSQ Series.


Typical applications for Solid state relays are HVAC, Lighting, Industrial machinery, Control panels, Electrical Ovens/Heaters & motor control


When specifying a SSR, the following options need to be considered Maximum Contact Current (1 Amp to 100 Amp), Control Voltage (3-32VDC, 85-280VAC) and Output Voltage (up to 660 VAC 600VDC) to name a few.


i-Autoc Solid State Relays include: -


KSI              KSMA
KSIM            KSMD
KSID            KSYD
KSJ              KSYE
KSR             KSV
KSQ             KSA
KSQA           KSB
KSQC           KSC
KSQF           KSD
KSQE          KSDF
KMA            KSE
KMS            KSG
KMT            KSF
KMTY          KSGD
KYR            KSCD
KWR           KQY
KPR            KS/KT
KYRT          KHS Heat Sinks

i-Autoc Solid State Relays