Sirena SOS Light


Regular maintenance plays an important role in eliminating workplace hazards. However, it is maintenance itself that is a high-risk activity that must be carried out safely, with the appropriate precautions and protections: the dangers for  maintenance workers are difficult to avoid, as maintenance often involves unusual work or non-routine activities, and is often carried out under exceptional conditions, for example working exposed in high traffic areas or in poorly visible spaces.

Properly signalling one’s presence during extraordinary maintenance or repair operations therefore becomes essential to ensure the operator’s safety.

The new SOS Light beacon is a removable LED light, easy to apply and remove on metal surfaces and equipped with a battery that can be recharged via a USB type C cable.

Thanks to its flashing light effect, SOS Light ensures greater visibility than classic maintenance beacons and signage.

SOS Light is the essential tool for:

– Temporary signalling during maintenance operations

– Temporary signalling of obstacles or inaccessible areas

– Temporary signalling of moving loads

Sirena SOS Light