Hongfa Signal Relays

Hongfa Signal relay are relays used for low level current switching, often below 2 Amps but can be higher. Applications for Hongfa signal relays can include Telecoms & Data, AC control, security, measurement and control equipment, automotive applications and audio visual devices. Characteristics of Hongfa signal relay are stable contact resistance, Changeover (Form C) contact arrangement, Single or Double pole contacts, a sealed construction, compact size, and available as a latching and low operating power alternatives.

Typical applications for Hongfa Signal Relays are communications equipment, industrial machines, measurement and control equipment or medical equipment.

Switchtec carries both the Hongfa Latching and Hongfa Non-Latching signal relays in SPST, SPDT and DPDT combinations with Coil Voltages ranging from 1.5VDC to 48VDC. The most popular coil voltages being 12V and 24VDC with the most common contact ratings being 1 and 2 Amp.

Hongfa have a full selection of signal relays from the small HFD4 to the universal HFD27.

When specifying a Hongfa signal relay, the following options need to be considered, Coil Voltage (1.5V, 12V, 24 V,…), Maximum Contact Current (31 mA, 1 A, 2A,…) and Termination Style (Gull Wing, PCB,…), DPDT relay, SPST relay, SPDTrelay, surface mount signal relay, latch relay, low signal relay, small signal relay, or for any other type of signal relay.

Hongfa Signal relays include: -

HFD23     HFD41/HFD41A
HFD27     HFD2
HFD3       HFD31
HFD4       HFD16 (Formally HFD41)

Hongfa Signal Relays