Sirena LED Beacon Modules

The S range is the most complete range of MLINE devices.

When Sirena began engineering the S range, the main focus was to develop a simple
range of devices that could be installed
in all possible scenarios.

Sirena have engineered MLINE domes in a way that multiple functions could be delivered
by the same device, yet leaving the control completely
independent and
controllable by the end user at any time. 

MLINE bases are engineered in a way that all installation scenarios could be
covered without having to compromise on the positioning
of the device.

8 different domes have been created, that allow to cover all possible applications
with a number of variations counting up to 87 options
in total. At the same
time Sirena have developed six shapes of bases to allow
mounting the MLINE under any
circumstance: by delivering four type
of base color and different voltages
we count today 86 types of
different bases.

This gives you an astonishing 7000+ combinations.

Sirena LED Beacon Modules