Elliptical Modular Light Towers

The ELYPS modular stacklight range is made of four groups of modules:
mounting bases, wiring modules, light modules
and acoustic modules.

MB Mounting Bases are engineered for a versatile stacklight installation,
allowing the devices to be installed always in the ideal

WM Wiring Modules allow to choose voltages as well as the configuration philosophy,
giving thepossibility to create low or high
tension devices, with steady or flashing
light and with the possibility
to control the flashing pattern (i.e. via PLC)
directly from the base
of the stacklight.

LM Light Modules have been engineered to satisfy all possible needs.
Different levels of light intensity as well as different lenses
(allCOLOR, allCLEAR, Proximity) and different flashing
offer a unique and complete range.
AM Acoustic Modules are based on
two technologies: piezoelectric
and magnetodynamic.

Both versions allow the use of two separate
channels giving the possibility
of utilizing the stacklight with two
different sounds, according to the
type of message one needs to

The IP65 protection grade makes ELYPS ideal also for outdoor applications.

ELYPS is available in three color options:


allGRAY (industrial RAL Elliptical Modular Light Towers